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    Silencer Shop Authority: Surefire Ryder 22-S Review

    If you drop by Modern Rifleman regularly, you’ve probably noticed that .22 caliber suppressors have been a common theme around here recently. Almost universally recognized as the best value in the NFA world, rimfire silencers are exceptionally fun to shoot with and I’ve been working closely with Silencer Shop to bring as many of these cans to readers as possible. This week, the trend continues with Surefire’s Ryder 22-S.

    To fully understand why the Ryder is an intriguing suppressor, it is important to recognize that until last year (2014), Surefire’s silencer lineup exclusively consisted of rifle caliber, centerfire cans. Though the company did create some buzz by featuring an early version of the Ryder at SHOT Show 2012, it really was not until SHOT 2014 that Surefire finally jumped into the rimfire world with the Ryder 22-S (stainless baffles) and Ryder 22-A (aluminum baffles) silencers. Since the introduction of the Ryder series marked Surefire’s first real attempt at a civilian-centric line of suppressors, I’ve been interested to see how the cans fare against stiff .22 caliber competition. READ MORE.

    + Short and fairly light
    + Solid suppression
    + Easy to clean
    – Less pleasing tone than some competitors
    – Does not thread to the shoulder of .22 rifles

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