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    SilencerCo Specwar 556 Review

    When SWR released the Specwar 556 back in 2011, the market for high-performance silencers was much different than the one we enjoy today. At the time, most top-performing suppressors carried a $1,000 or higher price and the selection of widely available options was mostly limited to a handful of companies. With the Specwar, SWR aimed to take the market by offering a lower priced suppressor that shared many of the same features as more expensive flagship can.

    Fortunately, after acquiring SWR in the summer of 2011, SilencerCo not only continued to produce the Specwar, but they also improved it by swapping the previous Inconel/stainless baffle stack for a fully Stellite one. SilencerCo also expanded the lineup to include a 7.62mm model and the shorter Specwar 556K. Now that the Specwar is a few years old, some readers may wonder how well it compares to its current peers. Have SilencerCo’s incremental improvements maintained the relevance of this high-value suppressor? Let’s take a look. READ MORE.

    + Extremely durable, full-auto rated
    + Top-end performance
    + Solid mounting system
    + Affordable
    – Heavy

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