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    Silencer Shop Authority: SilencerCo Osprey 9 Review

    When Hiram Percy Maxim first designed his original firearm silencer in the early 1900s, chances are good that he had no idea his new invention would later be considered unusual in any way. As the father of suppression and a pioneer in mufflers of all types, Maxim chose to drill the can’s bore off-center to facilitate use of the relatively low iron sights found on most rifles of the era. Because the Nielsen device had yet to be introduced, the use of suppressors on pistols was limited and Maxim surely had not developed his first asymmetrical silencers with handguns in mind. As rifle designs evolved over the mid 20th century and suppressor demand was stifled by NFA regulations, silencer development slowed and the market that did exist migrated towards simpler, symmetrical cans.

    While Maxim’s original vision was essentially phased out over the last century in favor of what we consider “traditional” configurations, pistol shooters were left quite literally in the dark as newer suppressors completely obstructed handguns’ factory sight picture. Often, shooters with suppressed handguns had to replace the sights on their host guns with expensive aftermarket options, or learn to “sight through the can” with only marginal precision.

    As the suppressor market has grown and evolved over the past half decade, so too have the number of enthusiasts who own multiple cans or seek specialized silencers for particular firearms. To answer the cries of handgunners, a young SilencerCo beat AAC’s Black Box concept to market with the introduction of the eccentric Osprey line of pistol suppressors back in 2010. Remarkably, even after five years the Ospreys remain some of the most popular cans in the industry and the line has filled out to include 9mm, .40 S&W, .45 ACP, and .45 ACP K (short) options. Intrigued, I reached out to my friends at Silencer Shop to arrange some time with SilencerCo’s oddball 9mm suppressor. After some time with the Osprey 9, I can absolutely see why this family of silencers has such staying power in what is otherwise a very dynamic competitive landscape. READ MORE.

    + Very quiet with great tone
    + Light
    + Relatively short
    – Still blocks most pistol sights
    – Limited mounting options
    – Not user serviceable

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