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    Silencer Shop Authority: SIG SRD762Ti Review

    When silencer veterans Kevin Brittingham (now with his new company, Q) and John Hollister joined on at SIG back in 2014, most of us with ties to the industry took notice. Previously the masterminds behind Advanced Armament’s rise to dominance, their enrollment with a company not at all known for its suppressors was both puzzling and very exciting. Clearly SIG planned to get serious about suppression, but many of us were skeptical.

    It didn’t take long for SIG to have a full line of cans ready to show off. At SHOT 2015, the company previewed its new lineup of SRD-branded rifle, pistol, and rimfire suppressors. The showing was impressive, but then the cans themselves were mostly unobtainable until very recently.

    Though it took a while for SIG silencers to trickle to dealers, early feedback has been very positive, especially for their rifle models. With that in mind, I was eager to try a few of the suppressors. After reaching out to my friends at Silencer Shop, I had the chance to spend a few weeks with the new titanium SRD762Ti. READ MORE.

    + Light for its size
    + Quietest .300 BLK can I’ve tried
    + The packaging is impressive
    +/- Thread mount might chase some folks off, but the taper on the threads would make this very secure on tapered-shoulder barrels
    – I hate the aggressive end cap enough to make it a minus

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