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    Silencer Shop Authority: SIG SRD762Ti-QD Review

    A few months ago, I was cruising through a few of my favorite YouTube channels and noticed that Tim over at Military Arms Channel had brought in SIG’s new SRD762Ti series silencers for demonstration and testing. When I saw the numbers he posted for the cans, I was mightily impressed, but I probably should not have been. After all, SIG’s new suppressor division was essentially built by industry veterans, Kevin Brittingham and John Hollister. Furthermore, I’ve had Silencer Shop’s test data for the SRDs listed in the Suppressor Performance Database for quite a while, but the numbers (specifically for .300 BLK) seemed almost too good to be true.

    Still, as I saw it, the best way for me to assess the competitive legitimacy of SIG’s first foray into .30 caliber suppression was to bring the silencers in for examination. After shooting a note over to the guys at Silencer Shop, I was able to spend a couple of weeks with both the SRD762Ti and its quick attach brother, the SRD762Ti-QD. I’ve already addressed the thread mount suppressor, so today we will take a closer look at SIG’s QD offering. READ MORE.

    + Very quiet, especially with .300 BLK
    + Relatively light for the internal volume offered
    + Excellent mounting system
    – Ugly mounts
    – Slightly gassier than its thread mount stablemate

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