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      Silencer Shop Authority: Rugged Suppressors Razor 762 Review

      Just over a year ago, I received an unexpected message from a representative of then-new silencer manufacturer, Rugged Suppressors. In the correspondence, the company indicated that they appreciated the site’s suppressor coverage and they wanted to work with Modern Rifleman on an exclusive article. It was the first time anyone in the firearms industry had reached out with such a proposal for the site and as you might imagine, I was incredibly excited to work with them to introduce their new brand and their first can, the Surge 762. Despite my enthusiasm, I had no clue that this preliminary engagement would be a springboard for Modern Rifleman’s growth into a major player in the world of silencer reviews and information.

      Since partnering with Silencer Shop back in August, I’ve actively looked for opportunities to check out Rugged’s offerings. However, each time I considered looking at one of the company’s cans, some other product pulled me away. Last week, I finally got a chance to try a few of their suppressors and today, we will examine the new and impressively compact Razor 762. READ MORE.

      + Short
      + Light
      + Good, secure mounting system
      + 17-4 tube with Stellite baffles, durable and full-auto rated
      – Somewhat loud
      – Rotational play when mounted

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