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    Silencer Shop Authority: Rugged Suppressors Obsidian 45 Review

    Back in December, the guys at Rugged Suppressors kept silencer fans on their toes when they dropped two new products within ten days of one another. The first out the gate was their compact Razor 762, a .30 caliber can that offered the same durability as their Surge 762 in a much smaller and lighter package. The second release (and arguably the more exciting of the two) was the announcement of Rugged’s first pistol suppressor, the Obsidian 45. A fully-featured .45 ACP suppressor, the Obsidian is similar to Rugged’s Surge as it can be configured in two different lengths, depending on shooter preference and requirements. Adaptable cans seem to be a growing trend in the industry and Rugged Suppressors has fully embraced the movement. After pestering Silencer Shop to get an Obsidian to me for review, I finally spent some time with one a few weeks ago. Let’s take a closer look at this compelling new pistol suppressor. READ MORE.

    + Current king of pistol suppression performance
    + Easy to disassemble/clean
    + Full-auto rated
    + Configurable in two lengths
    + Compatible with SilencerCo pistons
    – Somewhat heavy
    – Moderate blowback on some hosts

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    In the photos above, is there a Silencerco piston installed? I see the axial slot which is used on SiCo’s pistons due to the Osprey design. I was under the impression that Rugged’s pistons didn’t have those axial slots.

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      The Rugged pistons don’t have the slots. However the SilencerCo and Griffin pistons both work in Rugged silencer and vice versa.

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