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    Silencer Shop Authority: Griffin Armament Optimus Review

    For as long as I’ve been involved with suppressors, cardinal rules of NFA ownership have stated that shooters need at least three separate silencers to cover every main type of firearm. Excluding shotguns, most guns can be tamed using one of the following: a .30 caliber rifle silencer, a .45 ACP pistol can, or a .22 caliber rimfire suppressor. While owning three distinct silencers will suit most people very well, building such a collection can be very pricey. Suppressors themselves simply are not cheap and adding $600 ($200 each) in tax stamps on top of the cost frequently turns away all but the most dedicated.

    Thanks to a few creative companies, the suppressor paradigm is set to change in 2016. At the end of last year, both Griffin Armament and SilencerCo announced that they had developed highly adaptable, multi-caliber silencers that could effectively suppress most popular calibers. Griffin’s offering, the Optimus 9, was the first to market and is rated for use with essentially anything that fits through its 9mm aperture, up to .300 Winchester Magnum. Thanks to the folks at Silencer Shop, I was able to spend the past two weeks examining this revolutionary suppressor. READ MORE.

    + Insanely adaptable
    + Durable, full 17-4 stainless construction
    + Performs surprisingly well on all compatible calibers
    – Relatively heavy on a pistol

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    John C
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    Thanks very much for the review. I’m 2 months into waiting for transfer of one of these. Of course, with the government shut down, it’s only added to my misery.

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