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    Silencer Shop Authority: Griffin Armament Alpha Review

    When Griffin Armament’s Optimus came out last fall, I asked the company about the possibility of titanium suppressors at some point in the future. As I saw it, Griffin had covered just about every silencer category with at least one of their products and I wasn’t quite sure where they would go next. In a matter of hours, the company replied that yes, they were working on something, but weren’t quite ready to talk about it. My interest fully peaked, I was left to speculate.

    The Alpha is the can that Griffin was talking about, and it comes with a surprise. Not only does its partially titanium baffle stack make it one of the lightest .30 caliber silencers on the market, the Alpha can also be disassembled for cleaning. Since other takes on user serviceable rifle suppressors have been less than stellar, I was excited to see a company like Griffin grab the concept by the horns. Thankfully, just a few weeks after its release, the good folks at Silencer Shop reached out to schedule time with this exciting new can. Let’s take a closer look at the Griffin Armament Alpha. READ MORE.

    + Lightweight
    + User serviceable
    + Top-end performance
    + Excellent mounting system
    – None really. If I have to stretch for one, it theoretically isn’t as durable as a fully stainless can.

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