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    Silencer Shop Authority: Gemtech Suppressed Bolt Carrier Review

    When shooters first suppress AR-15s, the first thing they typically notice is the increased backpressure that throws smelly gas and debris into a back into the user’s face and significantly dampens the fun. For those behind a fully automatic rifle, the problem is even worse as the backpressure contributes to substantially increase cyclic speeds. This leads to unpleasantly high rates of fire and increased parts wear. Traditionally, the preferred mitigation approach for suppressed blowback has been to install an adjustable gas block capable of regulating gas pressure before it ever reaches the receiver, but this may not work in some situations. For those who are not able to swap their gas block or who own multiple uppers that share a single bolt carrier group, Gemtech has developed an alternative solution, the Suppressed Bolt Carrier (SBC). Curious to see how the SBC stacks up, I talked to the guys at Silencer Shop and had them send one my way for further review. READ MORE.

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