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    Silencer Shop Authority: Gemtech GM-22 Review

    When discussing suppressors and which ones offer the best value for the dollar, the argument usually begins and ends with .22 LR silencers. Compared to their centerfire brothers, rimfire cans offer better sound performance, lower weight, and cheaper price points. Thanks to these factors, .22 cans are often the optimal choice for suppression newbies and thanks to immense growth in the suppressor industry; we have seen some intriguing products hit the market in relatively rapid succession.

    Over the past few weeks, I’ve been testing some less popular .22 LR suppressors. These cans are options that may not get the press that more established products receive, but are every bit as interesting. Since there are plenty of quality suppressors that fit this description, I had to work with my friends at Silencer Shop to narrow my choices to the ultra lightweight Gemtech GM-22 and the rugged YHM Stinger. Two weeks ago, I covered the YHM silencer and today we will chat about Gemtech’s G-Core powered GM-22. READ MORE.

    + SO LIGHT (2.5 ounces)
    + Great tone
    + Reasonably priced
    – Loud FRP
    – Difficult to disassemble, even with a socket wrench

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