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    Silencer Shop Authority: CGS Hydra-AL Review

    Since September of last year, I’ve reviewed a lot of suppressors. I’ve looked at several pistol cans and a bunch of rifle suppressors. I’ve also spent time with some really excellent rimfire silencers. Still, I frequently run into cans that are quieter than I expected, sound better than I believed possible, or are lighter than I anticipated. Just when I think I’ve “heard it all” (pun intended), something comes along to reset my perspective.

    The above is especially true right now. Thanks to the crescendo of silencer popularity among shooters, the suppressor market has opened itself widely to a variety of new manufacturers. Large and small, companies are throwing their hats into the ever growing ring and some of these newcomers bring fresh concepts and designs with them.

    Chaos Gear Supply (CGS) is one of these brands. CGS first entered the silencer fray earlier this year with their Hydra line of aluminum and titanium/stainless .22 suppressors. They’ve been working to expand their reach into centerfire calibers as well, but as of writing, the Hydra-AL (aluminum) and Hydra-SS (17-4 stainless and titanium) are their only commercially available models (a pistol silencer, the Kraken, is just around the corner). Early feedback for the Hydras has been positive, even from people with extensive suppressor experience and rather than simply copy an existing design, CGS has devised a unique baffle system that they’ve dubbed Orion. A few weeks ago, I hit up the folks at Silencer Shop to schedule time with the Hydra-AL and I’m ready to share some thoughts.

    + LIGHT: The Hydra-AL weighs only 3.6 ounces.
    + Quiet with great tone: CGS’s unique Orion baffles work very well
    + Easy to disassemble
    – Rated for .22 LR only
    – Aluminum limits cleaning options
    – Needs a spacer for rifle threads

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