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    Silencer Shop Authority: Bowers USS 22 Review

    Back in November, Silencer Shop and Bowers Group paired up to offer me a go with some of Bowers’ popular big bore rifle suppressors. Though it was my first exposure to large bore suppression, I was extremely impressed with the performance of the VERS 458 and 50 silencers, especially when paired with specialty subsonic loads. The experience left me eager to learn more about Bowers and their line of suppressors; so I hit up the guys at Silencer Shop to schedule a date with Bowers’ rugged USS (User Serviceable Suppressor) in .22 caliber. READ MORE.

    + Extremely durable. In all likelihood, the toughest .22 can on the market. Rated up to 5.7x28mm.
    + Supremely quiet
    – Crazy heavy for a .22 silencer

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