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    Silencer Shop Authority: Reviewing Alpha Dog’s Alpha 9 Suppressor

    The past few years have been extremely good to suppressor enthusiasts and manufacturers. In spite of the threat posed by ATF 41F, the sheer numbers of silencers in public hands has exploded and in response to this growth, we’ve seen plenty of new companies hop in for a piece of the pie.

    A few of these newcomers happen to be cranking out some very unique products. Dead Air Armament might be run by industry veterans, but they’re among the first to bring an AK-specific silencer to the mass market. Rebel Silencers has just announced a tubeless 5.56mm suppressor that can be configured for five different lengths. And then we come to the topic of today’s discussion – Alpha Dog’s Alpha 9 suppressor – a 9mm silencer with a Picatinny rail.

    You can probably understand the skepticism I felt when I first saw the Alpha 9. Alpha Dog is a new company and I couldn’t help but wonder if the can was a worthy entrant or a total gimmick. However, I know better than to dismiss something like this out of hand and as crazy as it seemed at the time, I did find the rail somewhat intriguing. After contacting my friends at Silencer Shop, I was able to take the Alpha 9 to the range last weekend. READ MORE.

    + Solid performance considering the odd design
    + Low FRP for a monocore suppressor
    + Rail is surprisingly functional
    + Relatively light
    +/- Extensive use of aluminum limits cleaning options, but keeps the can lightweight
    – Remarkably difficult to take apart for cleaning
    – Indexing the rail at the 12 or 6-o’clock positions may require shimming
    – Suppressor tended to come loose after a magazine or two (this will vary from host to host)

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