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    Silencer Shop Authority: AAC Illusion 9 Review

    In this first Silencer Shop Authority review, we will take a look at Advanced Armament’s new Illusion 9 suppressor. Intended to compete against SilencerCo’s Osprey series of silencers, the Illusion is also a pistol-centric can with an off-center bore. Though we often categorize these oddball suppressors as “eccentric”, off-center bores date back to Maxim’s original 1909 silencer patent and as a result, are in some ways more traditional than many of us think. More recently, eccentric suppressors have gained popularity as dedicated pistol silencers for shooters who still want to use standard sights and up to now, SilencerCo was the only company to offer such a can. The Illusion 9 represents the first real challenger to the Osprey’s hegemony. If my initial impressions mean anything, it looks like the Osprey has a real fight on its hands. READ MORE

    + Virtually all standard iron sights clear the silencer
    + Respectable performance for a 1.25″ diameter tube and off-center bore
    + Relatively easy disassembly
    +/- Extensive use of aluminum limits cleaning options, but keeps the can light
    – Not as quiet as top-performing cans
    – Fewer mounting options than some competitors

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