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    Silencer Shop Authority: AAC Aviator 2 Review

    Over the past several weeks, I’ve been taking a close look at a variety of .22 caliber suppressors from the folks at Silencer Shop. Though all of these examples have been high-performance silencers, each has represented a different take on rimfire suppression. I’ve seen everything from the classic Omega-style baffles of the Bowers USS to the new and intriguing “pig-nosed” cones that sit inside Surefire’s Ryder 22-S. Today, we will examine yet another take on the .22 caliber can with AAC’s Aviator 2.

    One of four .22 suppressors offered by AAC, the Aviator 2 is the most affordable and the newest of the bunch. Despite its relatively low price, the Aviator is still a full length silencer that is built for high-end suppression while also being incredibly light. In fact in many ways, it is simply a lighter, cheaper version of AAC’s incredibly popular Element 2. With these facts in mind, let’s take a look at the company’s most recent .22 caliber offering. READ MORE.

    + Phenomenally quiet
    + One of the lightest .22 cans I’ve tested
    + Stainless blast baffle
    +/- Extensive use of aluminum limits cleaning options, but keeps silencer lightweight
    – Baffles are not shielded from outer tube, which could lead to disassembly frustrations

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