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    I sent in my 2 form 4 Nov 07 2016 for suppressors, checks cashed 11/14/16. My FFl called me and told me everyone around me had been approved and that I should call. I called and talked to an ATF supervisor and was told that my background had been run in Oct and that I had been flagged by FBI for two open cases on my background check. A Contempt of Court in 1/1983 and a Disturbing the Peace 11/1989. Neither case showed a disposition.

    I contacted the municipalities that the offenses occurred. The records have been purged in both cases. I sent off for Clearance letters in both cases to show their are no records available in either case. Both came back No Criminal Records

    In 1983 I was one year out of High School and if I remember right I think I wrecked a car and didn’t pay the ticket. The 1989 I got beat up at a party and I think the DA felt sorry for me and dropped the charges. No Domestic violence no firearms charges no Misdemeanors.

    I have my CCW and an Open Carry Handgun Card from the city I live in. Have never been denied transfer. And I just renewed my CCW in NOV of 2017

    I have been told the processes is a pass fail no grey area. Without specific charges and Dispo for the 1/83 and without the same for the 11/89 I am SOL and maybe out $1800.

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    I had a conversation with an ATF Supervisor yesterday as to the status of my Form 4 applications. I am going into unable to approve status. Not denied unable to approve.
    The 2 open cases I have on my NICS because of their age (1/83 and 11/89) no records exist to either confirm or deny charges or Domestic Violence or weapons charges.

    One is a traffic ticket and the other a Disturbing the Peace. What I was told is there are a lot more cases like mine. Unless you are squeaky clean you are going to run into the same problem I am having.

    I now have to find away to have two records that don’t exist(Other than the entries on my background) removed from my State and Federal background. It must be both State and Federal or I will never be approved.

    My FFl told me I am the first one he has ever had that has not been approved.

    It has been 15 almost 16 months 11/16 since I applied. I stared asking questions in October 2017 as to my applications, talked to Supervisor 12/17 and now this. Oh yeah, My SBR Form 1 also unable to approve

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