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    Silent Bob
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    Let’s keep this as universal as possible. This is not to debate firearms choice but rather silencer build material choice for what is probably the most common rifle American’s would use in a bug out situation.

    If your firearm of choice for buggin’ out is an AR-15 in 5.56 mm would you rather have the potential benefits of a stainless steel suppressor or opt for the weight savings of a titanium suppressor?

    – Silent Bob

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    Modern Rifleman
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    I’m going to go with stainless here, mainly because manufacturers have gotten smart about weight and it’s common to find durable, 17-4 stainless suppressors that are 15 ounces (sans mount) or less. As such, I’m not sure that Ti is quite as appealing as it once was (it still has its place, though).

    What I would not do is insist on the can having nickel alloys like Stellite or Inconel. A lot of folks don’t realize it, but these two alloys weigh about 10-12% more than 17-4. They are advantageous at really high temps (1,000 degrees F or more), but on a semi-automatic carbine are probably overkill. If you think about the weight differences practically, going with a fully 17-4 can over one that makes extensive use of Stellite or Inconel could save you 2 or 3 ounces.

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    Hillary for President!

    Oh…not that kind of debate?

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      #HilaryForPrison today, #HilaryForPrison tomorrow, #HilaryForPrison forever.

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