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    Hello all, I’m waiting on a Sico Hybrid, Check cashed 6/21/17. I already have a Coastal passport 22, It’s pretty decent for $200. I bought it when wait times were 2 months(2010). I bought end caps and pistons/spacer to fit everything I plan on using the hybrid with, 1/2×36 for 9mm ar, 1/2×28 for 223 ar and 9mm pistol, and it comes with 5/8×24 so 308/300blk is covered, Also have a 338 Lm. I’m guessing I can go to one pair of ear plugs with the can on it lol.

    Then to punish myself more I mailed another f4 individual on Friday(7/21/17) for an m11/9. BUT, I bought it from an individual and he’ll take me shooting.

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