Has anyone else had problems with Sandy Drelinger?

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      I have been looking at headjoints for the past few months now, and I met Sandy Drelinger a couple months ago in Las Vegas for the NFA Convention in Vegas. I found an amazing headjoint I fell in love with immediately. However, since I have been dealing with him I am beginning to realize the cons may outweigh the pros when it comes to buying from Mr. Drelinger (this is my personal opinion).The headjoints are excellent, he is more than willing to work out a payment plan, and he makes appointments to help out each individual customer pick out the right head joint. HOWEVER, he has an awful attitude and is very arrogant. First of all, the day when I went to put down a deposit on the head joint I had chosen, I asked if I could take it to a practice room for a few minutes to try it out a little more. I was not even going to leave the exhibit hall. Every other seller at the convention was more than happy to oblige. But his response was, “No, I don’t do trials. People from all over the world buy from me and I don’t need to do that.” I just brushed it off…I know he is world renowned. But every time I asked him any question that was his response and it got old.

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