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    Please can a man who is familiar with the law advise? I own a firearm (0r 2) I was a law abiding citizen who handed in the green id card licence a few years back and was furnished with the new white licence, this has a window of 60 months and it expires. I now need to have it re issued for the third time and to be honest its a pain, having to scribe a motivation with lies..I mean cant one just say I need a gun because crime is out of control and the SAP are just incompetent and I need to protect local Police station dont like this version…so I have to concoct an elaborate story as to why I need a gun for self protection. I also need to get neighbors who hardly know me to endorse this application. Guys there is talk that the new white licence despite a expiry date will be valid and that the new FCA will be amended to reflect this? My problem is if I dont apply 90 days before expiry Im in deep water with a unlicensed firearm? Recently the case was in court with Martin Hood does any one know where or what the position is?

    Any help will be apprecited.

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    Thank you.

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