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    So I wonder what the pending government shutdown is going to do to processing times…

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    My guess is everything already in the queue just picks up where it left off, adding the time they didn’t work. Everything else is added to the backlog so you can expect everything moving forward to have a much longer wait time to offset the month of unprocessed forms.

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    How many of the reviewers found a new job over the past few weeks. I know I would have. I would think whoever is left is a skeleton crew of unmotivated employees. Hope Im wrong. My check was cashed 6/23.

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    I don’t think that many would have left as I bet everyone thought this would go faster. But the threat of another shutdown I suppose may be a problem. Ugh, at this rate my stamps cashed around 5/16/2018 will probably take a year like the 41f/election hangup. Wish I had a time machine to go back to the days of the horrendous 3 month waits.

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    They cashed my check 8/9/2018 form 4 individual I’m at day 226 and from what I’m seeing on the tracker they still aren’t even close.. how’s that fella get his stuff in 60 days how does that happen,

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    They are still processing late May into early June.

    The shutdown is more of an excuse than reality. They use it when I call about my Efile that’s on day 115 when approval submitted during and after cleared.

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    FYI, the wait times seem to lack any real-time accuracy.

    Out of curiosity, I had called the NFA Branch during “the shutdown” and there were personnel answering the phones and providing information; business as usual. So, it seems as if the NFA Branch was either partially or fully funded during the shutdown. As it has already been said, the shutdown seems to be more of an excuse than actually reality. Another excuse I have received placed the blame in the direction of the FBI. I wonder how many gov’t tentacles are involved with the approval process.

    My check was cashed on 09 May 2018 and I am on day 320 with a current status of “pending”.

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