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    I am contemplating the purchase of a Gemtech G5. I did some Sniper’s Hide searches and really didn’t find all that much on it. It seems that AAC is the most prevalent discussed suppressor on this Site. Anyways, I already have a Gemtech HVT and am happy with its performance so I am thinking of another Gemtech but have not made up my mind. I have dealt with their customer service before and they seem to be a great company. I also have the Bi-Lock on an AR that I have used for the HVT so I am ASSUMING that it would work with the G5.Does anyone have real experience with the G5? Had any issues? Point of Impact changes? Is it repeatable? Sound reductions? Recoil reduction (I know it is a 223), muzzle blast reduction. Any other things that I have not thought of?

    Please help.

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