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    Not sure if you’re still up to your ear in bugs to work out, but after a couple weeks of visiting the forum, I have the following suggestions that might improve usability. These are all “just my opinion”, no show stoppers, life will go on whether or not changes are made. 🙂

    1. Date format on posts. Currently the date format is YYYYMMDD. Any chance there is an option to display it in a more standard format? Instead of 20161107, perhaps “November 07, 2016” or “11/07/16” or “07 Nov 16”.

    2. “Freshness” date. Currently it shows how many minutes/hours/days/weeks ago something was last updated. It might just be my preference, but is there an option to show that as a an actual date/time instead?

    3. Currently all posts in a thread are showing up on a single page. Is there an option to have the threads paginate at all? 20 or 30 posts per page is pretty standard.

    4. Search. On this page: There is a cell for “Search” which implies that the forums are searchable. However I’ve tried searching for several terms, and get no results in the community discussion forum, or anywhere on the site for that matter. I have been able to work around that using the google site specific search. For example: “engrave”

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