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    Remember: This is a forum for people of different backgrounds to discuss NFA. Treat everyone as you would want to be treated and be civil. No personal attacks or trolling.

    NFATracker is a private forum open to the public for membership the site can be viewed by non-members. Your membership can be removed from the forum at the discretion of the Moderators, Administrators or Owner at any time for any reason.

    The Rules:

    1. You are free to express your opinion. Others might disagree with you and that is OK. If you have a negative review of a product, then give as much detail as possible. As the site grows it is our hope that manufactures will become more active in the site.

    2. No inappropriate language. No trolling for confrontations with other members or with site administrators and moderators! No racism or hate speech will be tolerated. Violating any portion of this rule may be banned immediately without warning.

    3. If you have made posts on other forums you are welcome to reproduce the information here. You may copy the post from the other forum to your post.

    4. National Firearms Act – One of the main topics NOT allowed is converting any semi-automatic firearm into a fully automatic firearm or any discussions that would result in the violation of the National Firearms Act (NFA). Any posts regarding these topics will be immediately deleted and the offending member will receive an infraction. Member solicitation to violate State Firearm laws or Federal NFA laws, rules, statutes or posted signs – either by ignorance or willful act will be banned with extreme prejudice. Holders of FFL are not permitted to solicit the purchase or sale of any gun related item(s) that are prohibited to own/sell/buy in their state by a civilian. Any such action will be reported to the BATFE along with the user IP. Having said that you can post about legal methods for converting firearms such as NFA sears or lighting links.

    5. No commercial advertisements or selling of products as a manufacturer unless you become a sponsor of the site. Personal classifieds from members are allowed in the appropriate section of the site as long as you are not a vendor and it is your personal property you are selling. All NFA rules/firearm transfer laws apply.

    6. Your signatures/avatars cannot advertise a business unless you are a paying sponsor. Additionally, no links to personal pages unless you have contacted the moderators for approval. Only site sponsors can link unless permission is given by a moderator.

    7. On Avatars please keep them tasteful. It is the discretion of the Moderator in regards to Avatar removal. You will receive an PM if your Avatar is questioned. Use common sense when choosing an Avatar.

    8. Any member caught using web proxy can be removed from the forum. Using a web proxy is slow and hides the posters true identity (cannot be traced back). I understand that some people overseas use web proxy for security reasons. As long as everyone is civil then there will be no need to remove them.

    9. Users can have only account. Multiple accounts tracked back to the same person will have their accounts suspended. Membership is one person with one account with one screen name. Multiple memberships by a single user will be removed and the offending party can be banned permanently.

    10. Remember all posts here are done so in the public domain. Once you make a statement here – it is almost the same as if you shouted it out on a street corner. It is in the public domain. Therefore – when one chooses to leave our forum or is banned (for violating the rules), requests to “delete all of your previous posts” will not be entertained. Threatening to sue will do no good as well, as you would have no legal basis to do so. If you are worried about the content of your posts – you shouldn’t have made the posts to begin with.

    11. It is advised that sponsors conduct discussions in their own sub-forum unless asked a question outside their respective jurisdiction. Sponsors control their own sub-forum and thus have complete latitude in moderating and starting threads. Any sponsor has the latitude to defend/comment on their product under the appropriate rules of conduct – in any of the forums rooms, should they feel the need to do so. Sponsors represent their company. Should their reputation be attacked by a member, please bring this matter to the attention of any one of the moderators rather than engaging the offending party. This is a recommendation.

    12. Banned members may have their IP address made public in service to protect other forums and forum members. IP address of posters is in the public domain.

    13. If it is in the opinion of moderators and/or members that forum member(s) is/are dangerous or may become dangerous, NFA Tracker reserves the right to publicize any and all information such offending party may have voluntarily provided to NFA Tracker to the appropriate authorities, or as needed.

    14. You are not allowed to copy entire article from another internet source verbatim and post it here. The allowed format is to summarize the story in the Original Posters’ (OPs) own words or at most, copy the first sentence or two – and then provide a link to the original story AND state the authoring body. Failure to do so will result in the deletion of posted article. Copyrighted material is protected and must receive proper citation. A link to the copyrighted source in the relevant post is sufficient for proper citation.

    15. Sale of items outside USA – no party is allowed to offer to sell, deliver or trade any firearm or firearm related item (i.e. magazines, scopes, lasers, red dots, green dots, night vision, etc) outside the 50 United States of America in violation of any Federal export statutes. No buyer shall solicit the purchase of any firearm or firearm related item to be delivered outside the USA. Violators of this rule will be reported to the appropriate federal agency that has jurisdiction in these matters.

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