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    Whine time…

    I just got my 5320.20 back, DISAPPROVED.

    I had put the out-of-state “Transporting to” address in the box and added, “and other locations within 10 miles”. The rejection letter says, “Cannot have ‘and Any Other Locations Within State’ on ATF 5320.20. If you intend on transporting … to multiple locations within state, you will need to submit a 5320.20 for EACH location you want to possess the item(s) at. Thanks.”

    I wasn’t intending to roam the state with it, but if I’m at “the address”, and out in the field with my SBR, and the neighbor is in his field and says, “Hey, watcha got there?” and I step across the property line, did I just commit a crime? Probably wouldn’t get caught. What about if a friend down the road calls and says, “Wanna do some shootin’?” and I go there? Probably won’t get caught….

    But, who remembers that Dodge commercial in the 60’s where the old Sheriff says, “You inna heap ‘a trouble, boy!”? Law enforcement training is not consistent or uniform. It’s bad enough to be IN compliance and fear meeting Barney Fife who doesn’t know the rules and decides he has to confiscate and arrest.

    Sucks. I’ll order a pistol lower and be done with it, so if I venture out to another address, I’ll just swap and leave the SBR lower at the designated permitted address.

    Oh yeah, also, this is exactly how I did the form last year, and it was approved. Same guy.

    Does anyone think this prevents crime?

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