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    Check cashed 4/12/18
    Pending awaiting assignment 10/3/18

    Operator says I’m about half way there?!? Just at 6 months and almost half way? Doesn’t make sense. She also said it hasn’t even gone to the fbi yet. I thought the fingerprints went to the fbi almost immediately

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    Was that as well last Friday. Pending assignment to examiner hasn’t been sent to FBI yet.
    Check cash 3/14/18

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    Here’s some bad news for you both…My check was cashed 1/18/2018. ATF Approved in August. I’ve been in “FBI Background Limbo” for 2 full months now. I called this morning (10/31/18), same response…”The FBI has a backlog and there is no ETA on when it will be completed”.

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    Called 2 days ago for an update, spoke with a gentleman named Austin and he said the average wait time they are seeing is 7 months. All he told me about my Form 4 was, Pending. Check cashed 4/20/18.

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    Update!! Form 4 trust 2RP
    Check cashed 4/10/18
    Pending 4/12/18
    Approved 11/02/18!!!
    In hand ???

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