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    I bought a SilencerCo Omega .30 on September 8th through a local dealer, they took care of all the work, and they said they sent everything out in the mail on 9th, the day after. I called the ATF today and they said they don’t have anything in their system.. I know to be patient and all that but from what I’ve seen checks cash fairly quick and wouldnt it be in their system if they have cashed the check? (I have no way of knowing if they cashed the check because i did it all through the dealer)

    Any advice appreciated, thanks

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    I was in your shoes a few months ago. I made my first 2 NFA item purchases together. Sent the paperwork in May and started freaking out in June. I sent Money Orders at the advise of my dealer so it wasn’t easy to track “cash dates” either. It ended up taking them until July 10th to cash the checks and another week or so to get my info into the system.

    I know it won’t be easy, but try to sit tight for a little while longer. I have been told by the ATF it CAN take from 6-8 weeks to get you into the database. Again, I know EXACTLY what you are going through and it sucks. If you get to the middle/end of November and STILL nothing, I would be in contact with the dealer and the ATF trying to see what is going on.

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