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    Hey folks. Quick question I have not been able to get a straight answer for.

    Im in Colorado, therefore private party transfers require a background check.

    I have a scorpion evo 3 that I have a Form 1 Paper Trust SBR conversion in for.

    I believe this should be my process from here, but can any one confirm:
    1. Do a private party transfer at an FFL into my trust (dumb as I will basically have to just do a background check on myself)
    2. Wait for approval
    3. Post approval get the receiver engraved
    4. Do the modification.

    The question really revolves around the private party transfer and assignment into my trust… should this be done prior to approval or after? Definitely before the mod, because post mod it would need to be transfered via form 4 right? And can anyone confirm that since its my trust and im the only one on it, I still have to do a private party transfer and can’t just do the assignment.

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    I’ll say this first….I’m not a lawyer.

    Here are my questions though: Why would you need to transfer the SBR into your trust? I mean, you’re the responsible person of the trust and you were the one who purchased the Scorpion in the first place. When you filled out the background check information in CO, is there something to fill out stating it’s being bought by a Trust and not a Person? So why would you need to transfer anything? I’d definitely talk to your FFL about that, a good local FFL would know the state laws and if that still worries you then consult a lawyer in CO.

    As far as the other stuff goes, I’d do the engraving before the stamp is approved. I’ve seen an instance where an engraver screwed up a Scorpion and it was trashed. So they had to give him a new one, but luckily it was before he even put in for the stamp so the guy wasn’t put out any time.

    As far as the last part, no, you wouldn’t have to file a form 4 because BATFE doesn’t care about the laws in CO.

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      Your engravers will do the work w/o a stamp? Interesting.

      But if you already own the item, and you do a form 1 to convert the “pistol” to an sbr, you’re done. You don’t need to transfer it anywhere. The ATF has already “registered” the sbr under your trust. Also, the background is already done…

      Now, since you’re in CO things maybe a bit different than what I’m used to.

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