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    I just got an email from my dealer that my Tax Stamp arrived today for my Sig SRD556-QD. The long wait started with me sending in the paperwork thru Silencer Shop on Monday, March 12, 2018, my check being cashed by BATFE on Wednesday, April 11, 2018, and the paperwork arriving today, November 24, 2018. I won’t know the exact approval date until I pick up the can & paperwork tomorrow, but it was probably approved 7-10 days ago. So that works out to 7 months, 14 days or a total of 228 days total from the time that the checked was cashed until the Tax Stamp arrived at my dealer’s.

    I’d say that the current official BATFE guesstimate of 7 months from the check being cashed to approval for a can is pretty damn close. Not fast but a hell of a lot better than the 10+ months that it was taking around this time last year. If this holds true, then my .30 Cal YHM Phantom LT, the check for which got cashed on October 16, 2018, SHOULD be approved somewhere around the middle of May, 2019.

    BTW, my SBR’s have been coming in approved in an average of JUST 5 months, but I credit that with there being a lot fewer Form 1’s than there are Form 4 apps.

    Anyway, happy days are here again and a long, restless night until tomorrow!!!…

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