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    Wishing I had done the efile directly instead of going through silencer shop. Also, it was just sitting, I had to contact them and they told me they needed more information before they could file, a call or email would have been nice instead of me waiting a week.

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    I Efiled myself and it was fairly easy to do. I have a scanned photo online that is added. Everything else is fild out online and there are some sites to assist in that process. I attached my trust and at the suggestion of a employee at my gunshop I photographed the lower from few angles as it wasn’t in their listed model database.

    As soon as my cc was charged it went to submitted and the cover page link was sent. Print it out and attach it to the print cards which the ATF will send at no charge. (Suggestion is get a few cards rolled when you go).

    Submitted 12/2…still waiting But I see from the NFA tracker, the times has expanded somewhat.

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    Anyone receive the email from SS containing the certification link? How about the package of swag they are sending?

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    Care packages, everything is still being made, the $75 will appear on accounts when we resubmit form 1s. We are currently waiting on approval from ATF to begin refiling, you can be refunded if you choose and file on your behalf.


    This was the response i got from ss when inquired.

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