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    Size 00, 1, 3, 4# Empty Hard Gelatin Capsules
    Compared to ACG, Same Quality, Better Delivery, Lower Price.
    Consistent high quality of our empty hard gelatin capsules enables fast and problem-free encapsulation on high-speed machines, making your encapsulation processes efficient and cost effective.

    Size 00, 1, 3 and 4# Empty Hard Gelatin Capsules are available, which are used in pharmaceutical and food supplement industry.
    Color: Clear, Customized
    Production Standard: Ch.P. 2015/USP/BP
    Printing: Axial, Radial, Two-Color
    Shelf Life: 3~ 5 years
    Certifications of Huili Capsules
    1. US FDA Registration
    2. Halal Certification
    3. ISO9001:2008 Assessment

    ADVANTAGE of Huili’s Empty Capsules
    Suitable for high speed filling machines
    Superior stability for long term storage
    Minimized deviation in length, weight, and moisture content
    Free of foreign matter and preservatives
    Various printing options (Axial, Radial, Two-Color)
    Precise color matching
    Quality Control in Huili Capsules Production
    At Huili, Capsules are manufactured under controlled climate conditions (Class 100,000), using a dipping process on automatic capsules manufacturing machines.
    At Huili, Quality Assurance plays an integral part in monitoring all critical process parameters like temp and humidity, measurable parameters like weight, length etc. . It eliminates error in every stage of production to meet customer requirement / satisfaction.
    A thorough inspection and continuous monitoring of critical process and measurable parameters provides Zero Defect Capsules.

    Structure of Huili’s Empty Capsule
    Rounded hemispherical ends
    Two aerodynamic air vents: allow air to escape from the cap; critical when operating high speed filling machines.
    Closely matched locked rings: provide full-circumference leak-free closure.
    Six elongated dimples: maintain precise round capsule diameter, improving filling machine performance.
    Tapered rim of the body: engage easily with the cap for problem-free closure.
    Specification of Empty Capsules
    Size of CapsulesLength of Capsule Parts(mm)External Diameter(mm)Overall Closed Length(mm)Average Weight(mg)Weight Tolerance
    00#Cap11.4~12.07.63~7.7722.2~23.2120 ± 7± 6%
    1#Cap9.50~10.16.83~6.9718.5~19.576 ± 6± 6%
    3#Cap7.80~8.405.76~5.9015.0~15.850 ± 5± 8%
    4#Cap6.90~7.505.25~5.3913.4~14.339 ± 5± 8%
    Quality Specification of Empty Capsules
    Items Results
    Elastic TightnessLess than 2pcs
    Friability Less than 15pcs
    Disintegration Time10 Minutes
    Loss on Drying12.5-17.5%
    Residue after Ignition (%)Transparent: ≤2
    Semi-transparent: ≤3
    Opaque: ≤5
    Heavy Metals (ppm) ≤50
    Viscosity (mm2/s)≥60
    Micro-Organism Total count of Bacillus: ≤1000unit/g,
    Total count of Mildew: ≤100unit/g,
    Total count of Escherichia: Should not be detected.
    Packaging & Shipping of Empty Capsules
    1#140,000 pcs/ctn
    3#200,000 pcs/ctn
    4#300,000 pcs/ctn
    00#70,000 pcs/ctn
    Refrigerated container is recommended for delivery of empty capsules.
    147 cartons in one 20ft refrigerated container.
    342 cartons in one 40ft refrigerated container.
    Capsules are in PE bag / Aluminum foil bag, and Styrofoam Sheets lined in corrugated carton, 610x390x760mm.
    Profile of Huili Capsules
    8 billion capsules from Huili Capsules are manufactured each year in its GMP complying factory in Shaoxing, Zhejiang.
    Huili Capsules is a Professional Manufacturer for 30 years with advanced facility.
    The Huili Capsules manufacturing units:
    Have been Passed FDA Certification and ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System Certification.
    Comply with GMP requirement. All workshops are equipped with totally-sealed Central Air-conditioners.
    Have a dedicated TSE-free capsules manufacturing facility to meet specific requirements in Ch.P.2015/USP/BP.
    Known as one of the most credible other size empty hard gelatin capsule shells manufacturers and suppliers in China, Huili Capsules is equipped with a professional factory. We can offer you high quality and definitely safe other size empty hard gelatin capsule shells at best price. Also pricelist consultation is also offered.Empty Hard Capsules Pricelist

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