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    So my check was cashed April 26th 2018 on two machinegun transfers (trust). I last called in November, and was told it was pending the FBI check. I called last Thursday, still pending FBI check.

    When I did my Concealed Weapons Permit here in Montana 2 years ago an FBI background check was part of the process, but from the time I submitted my application until I got my license in the mail was about 6 weeks.

    Is the process for getting a FBI background check that much different for a local sheriff’s check than for an NFA transfer? Because even that 6 weeks included the time for the Sheriff’s department to call ALL my references.

    Just wondering why it is taking so long…

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    The FBI background check is a black hole. It is impossible to contact them regarding your BC. I had a gun last year that was that as 500 days. My SOT and I determined that the paperwork was hopelessly lost, canceled the transaction, and started all over again. I have heard of one that took 26 months.

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    Contact your Senators.
    Ask them to inquire to the FBI on your behalf to get status of your background check as the ATF is stating that your form 4 or Form 1 has a status of “FBI inquiry pending background check”.
    The Senators will have the forms for you to fill out.
    My Senators had to inquire to the ATF first, just a formality. Once that was done I had one of them inquire to the FBI. The other Senator would not.
    Amazing how once the Senator contacted the FBI the background checks were done the same day…
    Inquiry process took about 2 months, but I got my approvals.
    ATF told me they should not go longer than 10 months, I will definitely start that process much sooner if it happens again.

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