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    So today i get a letter from my local CLEO. I open it up and get a HUGE shock. In this envelope is the Cleo copies i sent them back in Oct. To be exact the “NFA Responsible Person Questionnaire” CLEO copy, x’s 4. And a note that reads. We do not take these forms. Thank you.

    Shocked as hell. So i load up and head to my Cleo office. Sure enough, they tell me. “We don’t take them untill they are approved by the NFA branch of the BATFE”. I explain that i was told by NFA in Charleston, WV thats not correct. Now she gets stupid and tells me im wrong. And she refuses to take these forms.

    So a 4:30 call to WV is instore. So speaking with a Examiner. He explains to me this is actually not uncommon. That EVERY law enforcement agencie in the USA got a set of rules before the new law went into effect in July. And there isn’t a day that goes by that they dont get calls like this. So i ask, what do i do now??

    He said “Note the time, date,agancy and persons name (if possible). And put refused by said Cleo.” And keep these forms with your paper work. He went on to explain they have given up trying to explain the new law to every 3rd agancy that doesn’t understand the new law. Or doesn’t want to keep these filled for ever.And to top things off.The BATFE/NFA does not send the CLEO a approved copy.Nor do they send us a copy to forward to the CLEO. All we will get is the approval form 4,and a stamp on it. So?? Has anyone else had a experience like this?

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    All that is required is that you “notify” them. You did. What they do with it, is their business. They can keep them, shred them, return them or refuse them. If they follow the law or not, their business.

    It will not affect your stamp approval one way or another.

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    You did your part as required by law. There is alot of confusion coming from local law enforcement. I believe the new law’s whole premise of informing local law enforcement is meant to give them a chance to offer the ATF further info that the FBI’S data base might not have relevant to the transfer of an item to an individual. If they choose not to review the info or even take it is a failure on their part and undermines the purpose of informing them.

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