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    Can the ATF expedite a Form 1 or a Form 4? If yes, how does that work?

    The reason I ask:

    I have a pending Form 1 where it got fouled up somewhere (probably by the dealer) and after 2 months of me calling the ATF to see if the serial # was in their database the dealer resubmitted a new Form 1 and a new check. The dealer says they asked the ATF for an expedite.

    I also have a Form 4 and the SOT which is in possession of my can has decided to close their doors. They said they have asked the ATF for an expedite so they can transfer the can to me (and others) and wind down their business as quickly as possible.

    Anyone with thoughts, comments or experience with these types of situations?

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    I had an issue where I had heard from a reliable source that my class 3 dealer had filed for bankruptcy. I called the ATF and asked what exactly would happen in that situation since I had 2 form 4’s pending. They told me that if something like that happens they can have a local agent take possession of the items and then get them transferred to you once you’re approved.

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    They do. My sots closed and I had 1 form 4 that was approved in less than 3 months.

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    I have verified this several times. ATF also has a policy they will expedite a form 1 or 4 for a military person that’s deploying. Send them a copy of your orders and it also gets fast tracked.

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