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    There have been lots of myths floating around the threads….This article dispels many of them.

    To note: Barcodes have only been used since mid-August 2017 (While some silencers have had them since mid July)

    Barcodes do NOT speed up background checks, it only reduces input times and most importantly reduces input errors

    Currently only Silencer Shop uses barcodes to encode Form 4 Applicant information. The manufacturers use barcodes to encode silencer information. It is anticipated that barcodes (for applicant information) will see widespread acceptance and use.

    There are NOT two lines, one for barcodes, one not. The may be two input lines in the future, like is used for Form 1 e-file/ paper file. To look to see the wait time difference for those two, go to the scatter graph.

    NFA Modernization And You – Industry Q&A

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    Also from what I have read, barcodes are not jumping you to the front of the line. You have to wait like everyone else… it just speeds up data input process. It fixed like 3 of the common errors, but if you have a error on your form, it will still kick it back out, so it is no longer the ATF mis-key, itll be more on the FFL if it is mis-keyed.

    It sounds like it is gonna help a lot… but not as much as people think it will… but only time will tell.

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