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    Country star Carrie Underwood teamed up with Ludacris to co-write a new song Authentic Mike Cammalleri Jersey , ”The Champion,” which will open the Super Bowl on Feb. 4 airing on NBC.

    The song and the accompanying video was released Friday. ”The Champion,” also written by country songwriters Brett James and Chris DeStefano, will be incorporated into NBC Sports coverage of the 2018 Winter Games as well.

    Underwood said in a statement that ”our main focus was to celebrate athletes at the top of their game Zach Hyman Jersey , but we also wanted the song to resonate with people in their everyday lives.”

    Underwood has been performing the opening song for Sunday Night Football on NBC for the last five seasons.

    Most Browns players have opinions about Lebron James. Browns defensive end Myles Garrett has a strong opinion about one of Lebron’s nemeses, Golden State Warrior star Kevin Durant.

    “KD broke the league,” Garrett said Wednesday on 92.3 The Fan, via Mary Kay Cabot of

    So how did Durant actually break the NBA?

    “You hopped onto a 73-9 team and he took the easy way out in my mind La’el Collins Jersey ,” Garrett said. “It’s different when LeBron left. He went to [Miami to join Dwayne] Wade and [Chris] Bosh but it wasn’t something that was already guaranteed, something you already knew was going to have immediate success. [James] had to gel and work things into place.

    “With KD, you just stick him in and he scores. You already knew what they had. They were 73-9 before and you put the second-best player in the world on an already all-time great team and of course you’re going to have success, pretty easy success. Anyone can have an off night and they can still find a way to win.”

    Garrett made it clear he’ll never jump to a team that already is stocked.

    “If I were him I would’ve never made a move like that in the first place ,” Garrett said. “Me, I’m too competitive to try and ride on somebody’s coat tails to get a W. But for him, you might as well stay at the spot you’re at now. There’s no point in leaving since you’ve already taken that moniker where he’s been called the snake and cupcake and all that. You might as well stay and just keep on winning.”

    Which of course is better than to stay and just keep on losing. Which has pretty much been the story of the Browns since the team returned to the NFL in 1999.

    Los Angeles Rams Customized Jerseys

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