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    Am quite excited by the AoW feedback & all the games being playtested, eagerly awaiting the issue of the ruleswhenever they issued. I’m intrigued by the new lists & how each Armylist might be redefined.
    For instance, would Numidians be Drilled Elite Light Horse(no armour) able to shoot with javelins , or Welsh Spearmen be Undrilled Close Order Auxilia with Spears?
    Also how are Wagon Laagers defined? Are they part of a BG, or seperate ? And how will Warwagons work?
    Interesting to note that Elephants are now the toptastic troop out there – would it be unfair to have Routed or Fragmented Elephants to go on a Rampage towards the nearest troops – be they enemy or otherwise?

    Any help will be apprecited.

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