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Sorry in advance for the long winded post. We were asked to share what we know. I have done this twice before and am waiting on my third suppressor. Here’s what I have been told in the past. That every application is put in a pile and eventually distributed to various examiners. I never found out how many applications each examiner has on his/her desk at any given time. I was told that at least until the time they are distributed applications are taken strictly in the order they are received. I was also told that there is no pre-sorting (trust vs individual etc). So one examiner may end up with more trusts in his pile than the next examiner. That pile will take longer to get through simply because trusts involve checking multiple individuals. If you are in that pile it’s going to take longer to get to you. If you get “flagged” for something, like something on your record or maybe just an error on your application, then it may get additional scrutiny with the FBI or it might get sent back to your FFL to get fixed which results in a longer wait. And I’ll say this again… I don’t believe people get moved to the front of the line because they contact their congressional representatives or because they call every day to check the status of their application. It’s just that people start doing those things after they have been waiting longer than they expect. But because they are already further down the road the likelihood of getting approved soon after that kind of action is higher. Obviously the longer you have been in the line the more likely you are of being close to approval. So people who get approved soon after writing their Senator or calling incessantly think it made a difference. And that seems like exciting news so it gets reported here. And that results in more people doing those things which leads to more reports of success. (Generally people don’t post that it didn’t work for them.) Even though I don’t think it moves you in line at all, I don’t think it’s a bad idea to call once in a while just to make sure something isn’t amiss. Sometimes you can find out where your application is stuck, if it is stuck somewhere. Sometimes the person on the phone is very generous with information. But most often when you call all your are going to hear is that your application is (the dreaded) “pending”. If you look at the tracker for the last three months the average approval is taking 9 and a half months. That’s higher than the yearly average probably because of the two month government shutdown. But the range is huge, from 83 days to many applications taking over three hundred days. My first stamp came in significantly below the average at the time, my second came in way past the average at the time. I didn’t report to the tracker the first approval because it didn’t seem like a big deal, and because I am lazy. But I used the tracker much more the second time around as the days kept piling up. That’s the other thing not mentioned here. This tracker does not track all data. This is only self reported data. I suspect, like me, people are more motivated to watch the tracker when they reach the average and they are starting to get excited. Of course it’s all very frustrating precisely because as much as we would like, we just don’t have enough information to predict anything. All you can really do is wait. Btw, I was also told that having been granted stamps before makes no difference whatever for new applications. They are each treated separately (yes, a VERY inefficient and dumb process). If someone gets two approvals close together I suspect it’s just the luck of the draw. It certainly didn’t happen for me. That’s what I know. I’d love to know if things have changed or what others are hearing when they call nowadays. Meanwhile, good luck to you all!

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