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Had an interesting experience I thought I’d share. I bought three suppressors in the same week in June 2018, one from my LGS and two through SS. All checks were cashed at approximately the same time. The LGS suppressor was approved on 3/21/2019 and the stamp was received by my LGS on 4/2. The other two were noted as pending when I called twice in April. Called on 5/7 and got a very pleasant fellow who told me that the remaining two were still pending. I politely expressed my puzzlement as to how the first can with essentially the same check-cashed date was approved and stamp-in-hand a month earlier, while these two were still pending. He asked if I wanted to speak with the examiner; I agreed and got her voice mail. I very politely described how I was perplexed at the inconsistency, offered to provide any assistance she might need to resolve any issue that was holding them up, and sincerely wished her a very pleasant day. I called this morning (5/15) and was delighted to find that both forms had been approved the very next day after I left my voice mail. Hmmm….

Tracker table updated with approval date, will add stamp-in-hand date when it shows up.

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