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Dr Bang
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I bought an Omega 300 on June 30, 2018, which qualified me for a free Octane 9. According to my account at Silencershop, tax stamp cashed for the Omega on 7-16-18, and sent to dealer on 8-8-18.

Got a message from SS on 1-8-19 to go and update stuff at the kiosk for the Octane. Actually didn’t even need to do that, just needed to update pic on their ap. Got an invoice for the stamp on 1-9-19 for the Octane, and tax stamp cashed on 2-5-19.

Have not gotten approval on either. I’m hoping I’m close on the Omega. I’ll stop by next week and ask my dealer if the Octane has been shipped to them yet. From what I understand, the free ones were coming directly from Silencerco, and not via Silencer Shop. Thus, I can see when the Omega was mailed to dealer via my SS account, but don’t think they’d have any idea at SS when they shipped if they’re coming direct from Silencerco, so nothing shows in my SS account on the Octane.

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