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Good news today. The gun shop that I purchased my SBR with Silencer called. And told me that one of my two stamps came in today. They did not have my SBR stamp.

Purchase both on 6-22-2018
Checks cashed on 7-12-2018
One Stamp received 4-18-2018
SBR stamp received ???

I never got a call from the ATF. When I asked the gun shop employee who called me about why I did not first get a call from the ATF, she told me that “no one gets called by the ATF”.

And they sell a lot of these SBR’s with silencers. Maybe five a week. She said that they should receive my other stamp “shortly”. I will call then again to tomorrow to ask how long the average lag time is. Surprised both stamps did not arrive at the same time. But happy one did.

My silencer does screw off, so she said I could come in and bring the silencer home. But maybe I will wait a few days so I can bring everything home at one time.

Update, called NFA about my SBR, she said it was in “pending status” and the usual “we are behind due to the shutdown”

I thought they would have been processed together, or at least been approved at close to the same time. I wonder how many people die between the purchase date and the date stamps are in hand. Could it be that they are twice as thorough in checking an SBR as they are with a suppressor?

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