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Kenneth Holmes
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Brand new to this forum so please excuse any mistakes I may commit.

Purchased silencer and smg: April 15, 2018
Paperwork received by ATF: June 12, 2018
Check cashed: late July, 2018
“Pending” status discovered in March 2019, because I didn’t realize I could call for it. When I called for status on April 26, I asked if it would be possible to speak to my examiner since they’ve had the packet for more than 10 months. I was told it hadn’t even been assigned yet.

We are a 4 person trust, with one of us previously having a Top Secret clearance, and two others currently possessing security clearances. Did I read somewhere here on the forum that because of all these clearances, our processing is going to be even longer? We’re over 300 days now. At what point should I be calling my congressman?

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