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Just got my Omega today, purchased from ffl on 4/10/18, check cashed 5/8/2018. Two things though, I spoke with the NFA 3 days ago and they told me the Omega was still pending and it already had been approved… The girl I spoke with said to call back in two weeks. That should tell you everything you need to know about the ATF! Second thing is I have a Specwar that I bought in Feb. of 18 and that one is still pending also. Or is it? I honestly think they have no clue when you speak to the customer service people on the phone anymore. They used to let you speak to your examiner before if you were over 9 months and they have stopped that recently for reasons unknown. They used to give you more information like your FBI clearance isn’t done or the examiner needed more info, time etc. now they tell you pending and that’s it, they don’t or can’t, see any more information when they run your serial number.

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