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Try to get in touch with the examiner that is assigned your form.

I used the “Ask the Experts” option on the eForms website when I was just passed 40 days in, and received an email reply from my examiner stating that my background check received a DELAY from the FBI.

I contacted both of my Senators, and can pretty confidently say that they did absolutely nothing to progress the stall.

Fast-forward to today, I simply replied to my examiner, asking if there was any news, or if there was anything I could do to speed this along and within 5 minutes I had an approval email (51 days total wait).

My guess is that the examiners are not explicitly notified if/when checks come back — they likely have to manually search/pull that information; given the current “backlog,” it would not be surprising at all if some things just slip these guy’s minds.

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