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I efiled two Form 1’s for SBR’s (using a trust).

Submitted: 3/17/19
Fingerprints received: 3/22/19
Approved: 4/4/19
Total Time: 19 days

Submitted: 3/21/19
Fingerprints received: 3/25/19
Approved: 4/4/19
Total Time: 15 days

I actually got an email yesterday afternoon from the ATF agent that was reviewing mine. I had screwed up and forgot to sign my Form 5320.23 for SBR #1. I had used a fillable PDF form, saved it and forgot to print it out and sign it. So I signed it and uploaded it and did the same for SBR #2. I emailed the agent and told him about number #2 as well. Then I got an email this morning showing both were approved as well an email from the agent saying he just went ahead and approved both.

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