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That is correct. My advice would be to not cancel the application, because you will then have to repeat the same process and will still be delayed for your background check. You are now at one year since your arrest, you should be going to trial soon. Soon after receiving your sentence, the disposition will be updated, providing that the county submits the records in a timely manner. Afterwards, let your examiner know and request the check be run again. It will still go into a delay, but your examiner might be able to expedite the process for you.

Mike, somehow I was lucky and my stamp was approved on 3/14 and in hand at my dealer on 3/28. I picked it up today and thought I was going to cry haha. 16 months later but it all worked out. I had given up all hope after our discussion but I guess since it’s a misdemeanor it was approved, not sure. Should probably go ahead and get my next one now in case this happens again!!

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