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Did anyone who experienced the “FBI DELAY” get approved? If so, what was the total time line like? I have learned that I am now a part of this group.
Submitted: 2-12-2019
Prints Received: 2-19-2019
Still not approved as of: 3-18-2019
Interestingly enough I bought a Daniel Defense AR-15 on 3-1-2019 and was an instant “PROCEED” on the FBI background check (NICS). So these delays are definitely done at random with no rhyme or reason. Filed another Form 1 on 3-5-2019, prints received 3-8-2019. Hoping this one dodges the FBI Delay. Any success stories on this would be greatly appreciated.

Still waiting on mine also

2-1-19 Efile form 1
2-6-19 Prints received
3-1-19 called told was sent to FBI background check, was told it had been there for 2 weeks already and it should be soon but still waiting.

I guess I’ll wait until the 2 month mark and start contacting my senator and congressman. If they can approve some in as little as 13 days there’s no reason it should take more than 2 months with a background check. I’ve tried to contact the examiner supposedly handling my transfer twice with no return phone call. Had another examiner handle my 5320.20 change of address and have talked to him on the phone and emailed several times. So I don’t know what to make of that conclusion, some examiners I think take there job more seriously than others “my opinion”

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