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Matt andrews
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Okay here’s the deal. The reason form 4 eform is on there because no one gives a shit, 95%of people don’t even update the graph at all. All the issues in wait time are from people with common names getting hits from the 6 databases they use and these Losers Who have a criminal record of some kind, “we’ll i was arrested but the court expunged it” GET REAL.the ATF does the background checks—plain and simple. They don’t scan fingerprints and they don’t go to the FBI. I rolled my own fingerprints on the forms I requested from ATF using an office ink pad, I’m a normal guy just. No one has to get them done professionally. Think about it. I had a from 1 e filed 11-1-18 not some silencer-shop shit, did it via ATF website, took a photo on iPhone rolled my own prints,received the cover letter and sent next Day fingerprints with the cover letter, fingerprints done on my own approved 11-11-18. YOU think that shit was sent to the FBI? NO. I will re iterate—it’s these misdemeanor people who say ohh well I get approved buying a gun but I’m stuck in FBI backlog that keeps us waiting. They’re the problem!

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