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Since this E-file topic has re-emerged, I will once again post the question that no one will answer. Since no Form4 E-filing has happened since April, 2014, why does this site have a bar on the graph for F4 Individual- E-file? If you try to filter on the Wait Time graph checking only the boxes for Form 4 Individual and E-file, it will give results for Form 4 Trust-Efile (which I do not think is a real category either). That is, it won’t show any results related to the bar graph. This implies that the F4 Individual -E-File bar has no real data behind it. BUT, I have noticed that the numbers change over time! For a long time it showed 188 days between check cashing and approval. But now it says 195 days. How can a bar with no data change? I have posed this question to the admin of the tracker to no avail. And I’ve posed this question on the forums a couple of times. Can anyone answer this? (of course it is just my curiosity working here. It is of no consequence.)
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  • This reply was modified 4 months ago by  monsterman.

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